Welcome to Perth Speech Pathology

At Perth Speech Pathology we services to all age groups.  We are passionate in our role to support our clients to achieve their goals.

Our creative and dedicated therapists are all Certified members of Speech Pathology Australia and commit themselves to ongoing education to ensure their industry knowledge is both relevant and current.

At Perth Speech Pathology we understand the importance of language and speech skills and the impact that these have in all aspects of family, relationships, school and workplace.

Assessment and Treatment:

Speech sound development (articulation)

Childhood/Acquired Apraxia of Speech

Language (expression and understanding)

Cognitive development (listening, attention)

Early language learning for late talkers (preverbal skills, play skills)

Fluency (stuttering)

Phonological awareness and Literacy development

Aphasia (difficulties with language post trauma to brain e.g. stroke)

Feeding difficulties and Swallowing impairments

Voice disorders (including transgender voice)

Medico-legal assessments

And more…


Staff in aged care facilities

Disability support workers

Medical and Speech Pathology students


We regularly provide Speech Pathology services to:

Aged care facilities

The Quadriplegic Centre

Private Hospitals

The Department of Justice

Please call 0419 951 640 to see how we can help you!